Identity is Motivation

The world is full of well-intentioned people who want to make a difference. They want to be happy and have purpose, and achieve fulfillment in life. But they keep getting distracted by things like money or power. Why? Because deep down inside, many people don’t realize their subconscious motivator: identity.

Realizing Your Identity Your identity is a belief about who you are, and your filter on reality - your way of viewing the world. It could be something like: “I’m a person who loves to travel and explore” or “I’m the best student in my class.” You could have a self-image of yourself as being beautiful or smart or creative. You might think, “I’m a born leader” or “I’m a lone wolf”. These beliefs drive all of your actions; they dictate what gives you motivation, what drives you to do things and how much effort you put in those things.

Consciously Choosing your World View For most people, your worldview is probably the product of your upbringing. You grew up in a family where certain beliefs and values were taught to you by your parents and other members of society.

We all have a world view — a set of beliefs about what’s right and wrong, good or bad, genuine or fake. Our world views are influenced by our family background, experiences as children/teenagers (with peers at school), media exposure (television shows & films) and our own thoughts & feelings.

So our core identity can be defined by these various beliefs: beliefs about ourselves; how we view others; how society should function; what defines success for us and what are the things we’d never do etc.

Know what you subconsciously believe in - this will make you aware about your inner levers, and why you do the things you do. Motivation forms our actions; if we don’t have internal motivators, then we drift through life and can get manipulated by external forces i.e. others around us.

Reframe Your identity is your motivation. Reframe your worldview to generate motivation and actions on auto-pilot. Don’t depend on willpower alone for consistent progress in your pursuits; make your identity align with your intentions.

Written on September 27, 2022